I'm a 21-year-old remote freelance graphic designer and photographer. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona but grew up in Rochester, Minnesota.

I first started getting interested with design and photography around age 15. They both started out as just fun hobbies that occurred in between school and sports, but they quickly went from small hobbies to my dream careers.

After graduating high school I attended college for Communications Art & Design. After a year and a half of classes I decided to move on from school and put all my time into my brand instead. A lot of what I was being taught in school was information I already taught myself from online resources. So it didnt seem beneficial for me to stay. Few months after that I hit a few road bumps in life and ended up joining the US Army as an UAV Pilot. It's something that's always been the back of my mind as a potential job. I ended up getting through Basic Training but during my Advanced Individual Training (AIT) my depression and anxiety reached an all time high after being in a training environment for over 10 months. The military lifestyle wasnt for me. I couldn't adjust to it. But it's helped me realized something.

I needed to discover myself, do what I enjoy, and stop doing/joining things to impress others. And that's why I decided to become a Digital Nomad. Getting to travel the world while working a job I enjoy everyday is living the dream to me. I'll be starting my travels September 2019, once I'm out of the Army. And that's where I'm at currently in life. Very excited for my new journey!

That's enough for this long bio. Thank you for reading and visiting my site!
- Tristan​​​​​​​
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