My name is Tristan Nelson, and I'm a 24-year-old freelance graphic designer and photographer. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona but grew up in Rochester, Minnesota. 
Currently living in Fort Drum, New York.
 Both digital art and photography have been vast hobbies of mine. I started working on both between sports and school at around age 15, and around age 17 I started taking serious interest in them being potential careers. Since the start I've been doing freelance work as well as some internships in the design field. I'm self-taught and use Adobe products to create my work. 
After high-school I went to a small community college in Minnesota to study Communications Arts. After two years of classes I decided to leave college early to reset mentally and go back to self learning for my arts. After a year of more freelancing work I then joined the US Army as an UAV Operator, where I've served in for over 3 years now while also continuing to do freelance work.
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